Using a "Phygital" Strategy to Grow Your Design Business


The popularity of the internet and e-commerce has affected numerous industries in different ways. In the design industry, it is no secret that showrooms and design centers have seen a decrease in foot traffic as digital marketplaces become more prominent. However, many brands and showrooms have benefitted from embracing the internet marketplace in addition to leveraging their physical locations. Blending the digital and physical aspects of the sales and marketing cycle has led to the creation of the term “phygital.” 

Giving your customers a phygital sales experience is especially important in the design industry, as consumers are more hands-on and need to see, touch, and experience items before making a purchase. Today, more and more brands are listing their items online for consumers to browse, with detailed product descriptions, pricing information, and digital tearsheets to print and save. This can help to make the buying experience a lot easier by giving the consumer multiple options to purchase and allowing them to research and explore their options.


Here are some benefits of a phygital strategy:

Build your brand image

As shoppers become more savvy, their expectations of the buying cycle have increased. Making the buying experience easier should be at the forefront of every business strategy. One of the best ways to build a better experience is by giving customers the chance to view products and their descriptions online, and provide locations for them to see and experience the products in person. This is especially important in the design industry, as the planning and sourcing stage is typically longer than the average sales cycle.

Customers are farther in the buying process

In the past, a customer might take a trip to the showroom to browse products and take things into consideration before returning another time to make a final purchase. However, as more products become available for viewing online, it is very likely that the customer has already done some research on your products, and is coming to interact with the products to make a final decision. Allowing your customers to engage with your products in-person after seeing them online may help to close the sale faster.

More sales overall

Companies who have leveraged both digital and physical storefronts are more likely to sell more because not only do they offer multiple channels to purchase from, but these channels both work in tandem to make the customer experience easier, faster, and more convenient. 

Final Thoughts

Giving your customers more options to discover products can definitely benefit your business if handled correctly. For physical showrooms looking for a digital presence, Dering Hall is a great place to list and showcase your products. Using our geotargeting tools, users are able to determine your brand’s nearest showroom or location so visitors can check out the products in person and make a final decision. For more information on becoming a Dering Hall brand member, please contact

Erin Gilbert