Dennis Sarlo to Moderate Panel at DDB Fall Market 2019


DDB Fall Market 2019 will delve into the upcoming decade of design while examining the influence of the 2010s and the preceding decades. This year, Dennis Sarlo, Executive Editor at Dering Hall, will be hosting a panel of design experts, to discuss the importance and emergence of online sourcing in the digital age.

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Vaughan Designs, Suite 1511
The Evolution of Sourcing
October 17, 2019 | 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM

While their predecessors lined their shelves with sample books and made daily pilgrimages to their go-to showrooms to source for their projects, today’s designer is more likely than ever to go the “legwork” from their sofa. The 2010s saw a rise of Design brands and digitally native disruptors adapting to the changing sourcing habits of designers, which shows no sign of slowing down as 2020 approaches. Peerless digital resource Dering Hall’s Executive Editor Dennis Sarlo will sit down with designer Beth Diana Smith, CEO of Mason Lane Katherine Earnhardt, and Founder and CEO of StyleRow Erinn Valencich to offer their unique perspectives on the e-sourcing revolution.

Erin Gilbert