Using Your Dering Hall Account to Benefit Your Instagram Profile


Instagram - while it does have many benefits - can be quite stressful for some designers. Planning out posts, tagging images, keeping your feed cohesive, and engaging with other accounts can be pretty draining. However, your Dering Hall account has built-in features to help decrease this stress. These are some ways to use your Dering Hall account to inform your Instagram profile:

Discover Your Popular Images on Dering Hall Before Posting

Whether or not a post receives engagement depends on a range of factors, from what time you post, to how much you have been interacting on the app, to which hashtags you put on your image. A big component is also finding an image that people will want to click on if they see it on their Explore Page or while they are searching through a hashtag. 

Dering Hall provides insight into which of your portfolio images are receiving the most engagement. On your Design Professional Account, you can see which images of yours are the most popular and how they are doing compared to your other images. This strategy lets you in on what visuals people are responding to without having to run through the trial and error of posting directly to your account. To get the most out of this tip you should upload new work consistently to see how it performs on Dering Hall before posting to Instagram.

Find Complementary Images

Making sure images look good next to each other is an important part of having a cohesive, professional-looking profile. Dering Hall allows you to view your images beside, above, and below each other, making it easier to visualize how images will look on your profile. By playing around in your account, you can test how these images might interact with each other before uploading simply on the hope it will look good. Your Dering Hall account can provide you with security that your profile works with the strengths of your designs to make your Instagram a design of its own.

Look at Other Designers’ Work without Distraction

It is too easy to find yourself jumping from page to page while finding inspiration on Instagram. Sometimes this is helpful to your process, other times it prevents you from researching the designs you intended to learn more about. By looking through a designer’s profile on Dering Hall instead of Instagram, you can explore their work without as much distraction.

This can also help you see how other designers select which work goes on their social media, how they crop it, and how it flows next to other designs. By comparing their Dering Hall portfolio to their Instagram, you can see how others translate professionalism in their practice from a digital showroom site to a social media app.

View Your Entire Portfolio Easily

Dering Hall lets you see all of your listed portfolio in one place. Instead of finding the files on your computer, or clicking through multiple pages of your website, you can scroll through your images and find these eye-catching designs in a more convenient fashion. The stress of finding “Instagrammable” images can be largely erased by just looking through your posted content on Dering Hall.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a tool for designers to expand their reach and exposure. By using Dering Hall to inform your Instagram profile, you will be getting the most out of your Dering Hall membership and a heightened confidence in your presence on social media.

Erin Gilbert