Reaching Wider Audiences with Sponsored Content


As parts of the design world migrate online, certain types of advertising are seeing more success than traditional means. People enjoy exploring product picks, swiping through beautiful designs, and discovering creative content in ways they have never seen before. Beyond offering brand recognition, this kind of content helps to drive more product and profile views, increasing your tearsheet activity, total inquiries, and of course, driving more sales. One of the quickest ways to do this is through Dering Hall’s sponsored content packages. 

Here are some ways sponsored content can help you reach wider audiences:

Younger People Respond to Dynamic Stories

As young people use the Internet daily in more ways than not, many previous forms of online advertising are unsuccessful with them. Pop-up ads, banners, and video advertisements are yielding less results over time. To reach this audience, you have to get creative.

By partnering with platforms they are already browse, you can reach them in a more honest and approachable way. By looking to increase your brand recognition among a younger audience, you will achieve longevity and a sense of admiration from an exclusive, hard-to-reach, and in-demand crowd. If young people are aware and talking about your brand, that is something to be extremely proud about.

Interesting Stories Draw Wider Attention

This is an easy tip to understand, but it should not be underestimated. Creating a story that is relevant and captivating can be challenging. But, the more creative the feature is, the more attention it will draw. Working with our master Editorial Team, you can create a piece of content that speaks both to your brand’s style and creativity.

Opportunity to Unconventionally Present Your Brand

Sponsored content allows for readers to see the practical, creative, and novel ways your product or brand could be used. This is a different way of being displayed on Dering Hall, where usually just your product image and description give our users information. With sponsored content, you can share how your product is used in practice, in the design process, or its range of applications. 

Engage with Users Interested yet Unaware of Your Brand

Reaching potential clients and trade members who are interested in what your brand does, but are unaware of your brand itself, is easier through a sponsored content piece. It gives target users a fuller idea of who your brand is, where your specialties lie, and why you are a brand worth working with. Using the exposure Dering Hall is capable of giving, your brand can reach these users easier and faster.

Final Thoughts

Sponsored content is a strong way to show the aspects of your work that do not receive as much exposure on your own site or usual Dering Hall features. As time goes on, advertising in forms like this are becoming the means of staying relevant and retaining a sense of approachability in an increasingly digital world.

Erin Gilbert