How to Give Your Dering Hall Designer Profile a Makeover


Keeping your Professional Profile looking top of the line is an important element of being a designer on Dering Hall. Sometimes this means overhauling your profile to see what needs to be added, removed, or updated. Here are some things worth considering when giving your profile a revitalizing makeover.

Evaluate What Images Reflect Your Work and Process

Images that communicate what you are passionate about and do best are the most essential images to have on your profile. Ensuring these images show what work you have been doing most recently is especially important. New images keeps our users up-to-date on what your practice specializes in, and gives our Editorial team content to feature that is relevant to the work you do now.

This is not to say you should get rid of images just because they are a few years old. This is just a step where you should ask yourself about what that image says about your company. Does it show your range? Does it show what work you have grown from? Is it something you would do similar work with again? Asking yourself these questions will help trim the excess and the work that does not stack up to your most recent designs.

Keep Your “About” Page Updated

The “About” section on your Dering Hall profile helps you directly communicate with audiences unfamiliar with you. Using this page to show an image of you or your team helps your profile feel more three-dimensional, so users can see the people behind the designs.

This page is also a space to expand on your story and how your company came to be. It can be a great opportunity to give users a stronger idea about who you are. Answering the Ten Questions prompt makes you seem not only more approachable, but knowledgeable about your field and practice.

Make Your Captions Stronger

Captions are a wonderful way to get your images more exposure and reach on Dering Hall. Because captions act as keywords in the Lookbook section, it makes it easier for both users and our Editorial team to find your work. Describing objects, themes, or key elements of your design will help people looking for those things find it and get them familiar with your work. It can also give some context to your design, helping our team when writing Instagram captions or editorial pieces. 

Cover Image and Featured Images as What Best Represents Your Practice

The main cover image is what people see when your profile is featured on Dering Hall. It is also the first image users see when they click on your profile. Making sure this high quality image sums up your style and approach helps users who enjoy that style find you quickly. Use a photo of a design you feel can stand out next to others, but is also one that is undeniably yours.

Your featured portfolio will be comprised of the first 25 images in your portfolio tab. Using strong, confident images in this range and including photographer credits will make for an even more impressive profile. Selecting featured images that reflect your capabilities and passions at their best will go a long way in elevating your profile.

Get Fresh Eyes to Review It

When staring at a screen for awhile, it is easy to overlook mistakes or make decisions that do not satisfy you in the long term. Reviewing your profile with fresh eyes - be it yours after a couple hours of sleep or a colleague who has not seen your process of setting it up - can help your profile be as strong as possible when you publish it. 

Final Thoughts

Revamping your profile on Dering Hall can be a bit of a challenge. Creating a home, portfolio, and about page that you feel meets your standards and is cohesive across each page is all in the details. Reach out to your Dering Hall Account Manager if you have any questions about updating your Designer profile.

Erin Gilbert