Benefits of Posting New Products on Dering Hall


As much as certain designs can stand the test of time and trend, there is always room for innovation and change. The addition of new products in the marketplace represents growth in the design industry and of course, within your own company. Posting new products can also enhance your Dering Hall experience, and the experience of our users who are looking for new and unique pieces for their designs. Luckily, this process is now even easier now with Chairish’s full service team helping assist with product uploads.

Here are some of the benefits to uploading new products on Dering Hall:

Keeps Your Brand Relevant and Consumers Engaged

New product is a way of showing your audience that your brand is active, evolving, and growing. It attests to the idea that your brand is worth investing in, and keeps people paying attention to what you will do next. Putting your latest designs on our site communicates not only your willingness to innovate and move forward, but also your desire to share your work with the people who connect with it.

Get the Most out of Your Dering Hall Membership

Posting new designs can help you reach more users on Dering Hall and across the platforms we use to promote our brands. Recently added products appear in the “What’s New” category—the most viewed section of any of our top navigation tabs. These clicks translate into brand recognition, which leads to sales and increased influence. It also helps our Editorial team find your work to include in features, introducing your work to our newsletter readers and our 178K Instagram followers.

Newly listed products receive exposure through our Pinterest feed if they include list pricing. With our 8.6 million monthly viewers, your new products will reach our audience who are looking for the newest and freshest items in luxury design. Posting new product—especially if you include list pricing—will help you get the most reach out of your membership with us.

Now Even Less Work with Chairish’s Full Service Team

With Chairish’s full service team working to expedite Dering Hall’s product uploads, you do not have to post products manually anymore. Chairish’s team can upload these products on your behalf, pulling from your website or product imports. This gives you more time to focus on your brand and upcoming designs. Contact your Dering Hall Account Manager if you are interested in using this service.

Refreshes Your Brand

If you feel like your brand has become a bit too predictable, or even a tad unfocused, new products are an opportunity to start your brand down a clearer path. These new products will get more exposure than your previously listed product by appearing on our site’s “What’s New” section and our Pinterest feed, meaning Dering Hall can help you in your effort to rebrand and recenter your practice. 

Final Thoughts

Uploading new product offers a way for Dering Hall users to see what your practice is doing currently and if it is something they want to invest in. It can help your brand and products reach audiences from outlets even beyond Dering Hall. Especially with Chairish’s full service team, posting product is more efficient and beneficial to our members than ever.

Erin Gilbert