Building Your Network Through Dering Hall


In the past, networking in certain industries was limited to the cities you worked in. Thanks to the emergence of digital platforms, location-based connection building has broadened into something more global. You don’t have to move to a new city to make new connections – you don’t even have to leave your chair. And, you can even do some of that networking right here on Dering Hall.

Here are some tactics you can incorporate into your networking strategies with the help of Dering Hall:

Reach out to Relevant Designers

Dering Hall members include designers and architects with unique and vast skill sets from all over the world. If you are looking to collaborate, or have gotten a design brief for a place or style you are new to, Dering Hall is a great resource to see who is relevant to you in this location or style. You can reach out to them to get a better understanding of the work you will begin doing, while also building a professional relationship. This can help diversify your own practice, as well as your networks and connections in your field.

Keep Your Page Fresh

Online media moves fast, so it’s up to you to keep your profiles updated. In order to be a resource to other people, both your work and your contact information has to be pertinent to what you are currently doing. By updating your work as it grows and your contact information as it changes, you will have a better chance of being contacted by other designers excited by your work. 

Use the Lookbook Section

Our Lookbook section is a great resource to see a variety of designs from all different types of environments. You can filter through the categories and search keywords for precise results. If you find something you feel is related to your work, lights a spark in you, or is a style you’re looking to start working with, you can reach out to the designer to discuss their practice.

This strategy could also help you find photographers, furniture suppliers, landscape designers, etc. that you may need for your next project. By reaching out to the listed designer to discuss their work, or who helped them do it, you can build more connections across several disciplines.

Find Resources in the Product Tab

Sourcing from the Product tab is common practice on Dering Hall. However, there is potential on this page beyond just the usual use. Building a strong and lasting relationship with a company that posts product on Dering Hall can allow you to build a connection with a designer that you can ask for advice on sourcing, furniture selection, or help collaborate with you on a project.

Designers that post on this page can also get advice and recommendations from interior designers, architects, and landscape designers, thus creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Use Dering Hall as Common Ground

Working relationships are based on shared interests, goals, and methods of practice. Mentioning Dering Hall to a potential connection shows you have similar approaches to your online presence and can be the basis of a new connection. It also shows that you are someone who uses the tools around you to shine in your field - something all of us can respect.

Networking does not have to be reserved for design events and gallery shows. Increasingly, it is happening more and more online. Reaching out to a fellow designer can kickstart your world to grow, as well as your design practice.

Erin Gilbert