[Masterclass] All About Architectural Lighting


On Wednesday, August 7, Gerald Olesker, Founder and CEO of ADG Lighting, joined Dering Hall for a special masterclass on architectural lighting. In this informative session, Gerald shared expert tips, best practices, and practical advice for incorporating lighting into your architecture.

Gerald started off by explaining that when it comes to architectural lighting, you must understand the nature of the project so you can design first and design towards the architecture and the project. After referencing a few before and after photos, Gerald emphasizes the importance of approach, anticipation, and arrival in the decision-making process. The approach deals with the first view when coming up to the property, the anticipation deals with the journey to get to the front, and the arrival is actually making it to the front door. Past that, if you’re lucky enough, you can start to actually engage with the property. 

When thinking through the approach, you have to consider the different points of view. The perspective for a guest is going to be different than that of the owner’s, and the perspective to prospective buyers is absolutely going to be different as well. Ultimately, it takes a team (such as the wonderful team at ADH Lighting) to properly plan and think-through the ideal solution for the client. 

Determining lighting placement is based on a number of factors and should be part of the architectural whole to achieve the best look and functionality. You want to be able to provide adequate lighting based on the location, while also ensuring that you are casting the right shade, shadow and illumination within your space. You also want to make sure your lights are placed in the ideal location so they are not distracting or underutilized. Having an expert allows you to think through these situations so you can make sure everything is architecturally correct. 

For a more in-depth look in the architectural lighting and some expert tips, please view the full video above. Dering Hall would like to extend a huge thank you to Gerald and the ADG Lighting team for taking the time to deliver this wonderful masterclass. If you would like to reach out to Gerald, please feel free to email him at gerald@adgmail.com

About Gerald Olesker
Gerald Olesker is the creative entrepreneur behind the collaborative groups derived from Architectural Detail Group, ADG Eco Lighting Products, ADG Lighting, and 20/twenty publishing. He applies his background in architecture and over 20 years of experience as an Industrial Designer and project influencer to innovate.

About ADG Lighting:
Our motto is that everybody deserves something beautiful. As an award-winning, full-service design & fabrication firm, ADG Lighting’s ability to provide design & fabrication services for lighting layout, furniture layout and design/ manufacturing, and pavilions within the landscape has reached 3 billion dollars’ worth of real-estate projects. From curbside to poolside, we collaborate with designers, homeowners, and architects on an as-needed basis. We contract with tradespeople on a regular basis to make the possibilities happen.

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