Why Designers Should Take Advantage of Sponsored Content


Advertising comes in many forms. Digital media has made it so that individuals or companies with far-reaching influence and trust can advertise to their audience in ways that are both honest and personal. For designers on Dering Hall, sponsored content is a great way to use this influence to promote their brand.

Sponsored content on Dering Hall is material that resembles editorial content but is paid for by a sponsor. It is designed to promote the sponsor’s product or service without coming across as an advertisement. Sponsored content provides useful, educational, or entertaining information as a way of favorably influencing the perception of the sponsor brand.

Here are some reasons designers should be utilizing sponsored content:

Form Relationships with New Audiences

As many designers and brands operate within a niche bubble, sponsored content is a way to connect with an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand. Through sponsored content, you can gain visibility from Dering Hall’s existing audience. This visibility can then be used to your advantage, as your product or brand will be exposed to a wider audience.

Allow Others to Tell Your Story

It may all feel a bit uncomfortable when you trust someone else to come up with the content for your brand. However, that ray of discomfort is where innovation shines. Finding ways to work with publications promoting your brand is a creative activity all of its own. This effort will be rewarded, as your new audiences will be able to see your story told through the lens of the outlet they have grown to love and trust.

Your Work Will be Seen in a New Environment

Having your work promoted alongside someone else’s content is not easy, but it can prove that your work can function with and is adjacent to the world of other brands or individuals. It can also show your target audience the adaptability of your work, your practice, and you as a designer.

No person is an island, and your work does not exist in a vacuum. Pushing for different and sometimes collaborative promotions on other Instagram accounts, websites, or magazines will show that your work is made for the real world.

Embrace Unique Strategies for the Digital World

Making sure your brand does not look out-of-touch with current needs and wants of your consumer is a key element to keeping your brand relevant. This philosophy also lends itself to marketing and advertising strategies. Communicating to potential clients, consumers, or partners through a person or brand they already trust is becoming a standard form of sponsorship. Keeping up with how the routes of reaching your audience is widening is elemental to keeping your brand engaged with the world outside of itself.

Final Thoughts

Banner ads, pop-ups, and other conventional ways of digital advertising are becoming less successful. The way the tide is moving, grounded and honest sponsored posts seem to be the route many are taking, and their brands are being rewarded in sales, recognition, and trust because of it.  

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Erin Gilbert