[Masterclass] All About Faucets


On Wednesday, June 5 Dering Hall was joined by Sam Bruce and Rosalyn Morrison from Samuel Heath, manufacturer of elegant bathroom fittings, to present a special Dering Hall Masterclass on all things faucets.

About our Presenters:

Sam Bruce is the marketing manager at Samuel Heath. She has 7 years experience working with fixtures, fittings, and hardware.

Rosalyn Morrison is the USA Development Manager overseeing most of the east coast. She regularly meets with architects and interior designers to discuss Samuel Heath products and collections.

Here are some highlights from the masterclass:

Samuel Heath makes everything from the most solid and finest brass for a number of reasons including its corrosion resistance, anti-rust properties, and long lifespan. In the Masterclass, Sam details the different types of faucets for your basin (sink) including wall mounted, deck mounted, single lever mixer (primarily for the contemporary look within a bathroom), and 3 hole basin set.

When it comes to types of faucets for baths, there are a bit more options including wall-mounted (2 or 3-holes), deck mounted (2 or 3 holes, or 4 holes which includes hand shower), single lever mixer, and floor mounted single lever bath/shower mixer. When it comes to having a hand-shower, Sam explains that it’s usually suggested because it helps with the cleaning process and is also useful when dealing with children or pets.

Sam also walks us through a number of finishes, lacquered and un-lacquered, that customers can choose according to their aesthetics and functionality (see images below).

Finally, Sam uses some of the collections offered by Samuel Heath to explain how the design style of your bathroom will factor into the types of bathroom fittings and faucets you will choose to invest in.

Dering Hall would like to thank Sam Bruce for presenting this masterclass and offering her advice and expertise. For more information on Samuel Heath, please visit their US website or send an email to usa@samuel-heath.com.

About Samuel Heath:

Samuel  Heath is  dedicated to the  creation of definitive  and highly desirable taps, showers, bathroom  accessories and door and window fittings.

It is almost two centuries since the first machines began to turn at the company’s factory in Birmingham, in the heart of England. Craftsmanship and integrity were the core principles of Samuel Heath then and remain such to this day. Our reputation as a designer and manufacturer rests on our ability to combine traditional skills with advanced production techniques to ensure that every detail is just as it should be.

Erin Gilbert