Why Brands Should List Net Pricing on Dering Hall

The  Desire Bar Cabinet  from Interlude Home includes list pricing on Dering Hall

The Desire Bar Cabinet from Interlude Home includes list pricing on Dering Hall


As the design industry continues to shift into the digital space, the demand for visibility and transparency continues to grow. The average consumer is savvier and more technologically advanced than ever before. Dering Hall wants to ensure that all of our members are maximizing their potential so they can continue to generate inquiries, create new relationships, and increase their revenue. Listing net pricing is a great way for brand members to grow their reach on Dering Hall, leading to better coverage and more conversions.

Here are some benefits of listing net pricing:

1. Reach more verified trade members

Price is a key piece of information that interior designers need when sourcing products. According to a Dering Hall survey, 80% of Dering Hall visitors say they would like to see more visibility into list pricing. Adding pricing makes the shopping process more efficient and makes it easier for designers to seriously consider your products. If your products are custom and have a price range, we suggest putting a list price to help give designers an estimate of the cost.

If you have list pricing, chances are you are offering trade pricing at a lower price point. We only show trade pricing to professionals that have been approved for our trade program. Trade members are highly regarded as the industry’s most valuable shoppers, and with the recent acquisition, the Charish Inc. family (Dering Hall, DECASO, Chairish) now has the largest trade audience in the design industry.

2. Get featured in Google dynamic search ads

Dering Hall recently introduced dynamic search ads for brands with list pricing. By using the products listed on your Dering Hall profile, dynamic search ads are designed to target customers searching for precisely what you’re offering, based on the terms and titles listed on your product pages. This means more clicks and conversions for your brand, resulting in more more inquiries and of course, more sales.

3. Higher chance of your products being pitched

When designers are pulling together presentations within a specific budget, knowing the cost or even price range of products is incredibly important. Some of these professionals are also under time constraints, so even a 24 hour turnaround time is too long. They will simply move onto another product with more transparency, so they can present their clients with all the information available.  

4. Speed up the decision-making process

With more designers turning to the internet to make purchases, making the buying process more efficient is an absolute must. 82% of designers say they use the internet to order high-end design products. Adding list pricing makes it easier for designers, especially non-trade members, to consider your products and make quicker decisions based on their budget. This makes the process even faster for trade members, who can see the discounted trade pricing, and proceed to make an inquiry.

If you have questions on how to include pricing on your products, email ce@deringhall.com.  If you are interested in becoming a Dering Hall member, contact us today at membership@deringhall.com.

Erin Gilbert