Dering Hall Launches “40 Finds” Campaign to Highlight Artisan Brands


Dering Hall features select contemporary makers in a year-long celebration of unique craftsmanship


Dering Hall, the premier online resource for designers and consumers to discover and connect to the world’s finest interior design products and professionals, announced the launch of their “40 Finds” campaign highlighting unique, diverse and extraordinary artisan brands.

The full list of 40 up-and-coming artisan brands from around the world will be revealed throughout the year, with 10 of the most cutting-edge, contemporary brands featured each season.

The first 10 artisan brands selected were Stone and SawyerVERDI DESIGNGallotti&RadiceStefan Rurak StudioOVUUDHenry RoyerPaper Mills, Inc.Baker Hesseldenz StudioThomas Cooper Studio, and Laine + Alliage.

“These brands exemplify dedication and commitment to their craft and continue to create remarkable products that truly stand out,” said Dennis Sarlo, Executive Editor at Dering Hall. “Every artisan brand listed on Dering Hall has been carefully selected by our membership review board based on a number of factors including uniqueness, mastery and unparalleled craftsmanship.”

Dering Hall defines artisan brands as bespoke, handcrafted makers. The products they create are not standardized or mass-produced and are usually created locally. Dering Hall visitors are able to filter these products simply by checking the “Artisan” box under the “Seller Type” section in product search.

“As an artisan, I am committed to creating special pieces that push the boundaries of furniture design. Dering Hall is an innovative platform that is helping interior designers discover smaller artisan makers and brands, and I’m so pleased to be part of this community and the 40 Finds initiative,” said Stefan Rurak of Stefan Rurak Studio, a Brooklyn-based atelier.

Discovering artisan makers is a priority for many high-end design professionals. In a recent survey on sourcing, almost half of the professional trade respondents said that “discovering more or new artisan brands” was of high importance when sourcing products for projects, more than almost any other feature. The results of this survey were highlighted in the Dering Hall White Paper, The Impact of Technology in Design.

“Artisans represent about 42% of all brands listed on our platform, making Dering Hall on of the most prominent sources to discover exceptional, lesser-known brands,” said Erin Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer of Dering Hall. “This class of makers is known for their proficiency in producing beautiful handmade products, making each item a one-of-a-kind addition to any design project.”

Click here for the full article and in-depth information on the first 10 brands featured in Artisan Brands to Know: 40 Finds. The next 10 selections will be announced at the beginning of the spring season. 

Erin Gilbert