How Great Photography Can Help Drive More Business


In the world of design, having great photography is definitely a priority. Showcasing your beautiful work through high quality photography is one of the best ways to ensure your content resonates with its intended audience. For designers, having great imagery allows others to see the intricate and precise details while properly illustrating the work that went into each design project. For brands and makers, product shots should be large and crisp so that shoppers can see exactly what they are purchasing, helping to move the decision-making process along faster.   

Although technology has made it easier for the average person to take great photos, sometimes it still makes sense to have some assistance. If your photos are not exactly up to par, you may want to consider either investing in a professional camera or hiring an experienced photographer. 


Here are some ways great photography can benefit your business: 

Great photography keeps visitors on your page

Having a site that’s user friendly and easy to navigate is definitely important. However, if you don’t have quality content on your site, there’s really nothing keeping your visitors on your page for an extended period of time. Having beautiful and high-resolution images can increase the time spent on your site and help to build the case as to why people should invest in you and your business.


Photography is important for selling products online

If you want to sell more products online, your product photography will play a major role. Since users are not able to physically see and touch the item, a bit of imagination plus superb photography will go a long way. In-situ shots are also very helpful as they give you a sense of size so they can do a better job of scaling the item in their own space. 


Allows viewers to see the detail in your work

This is especially helpful for design professionals who work with a variety of products to design a space. Within any project comes a blend of different products, styles, patterns, hues, and much more. Having hi-res, clear images gives people a chance to see the specific and intricate details that went into creating your work. When consumers are looking to hire a designer, they need to be sure of what they are paying for. Having your work properly captured is a great way to show how talented you are.


Helps to build awareness for your brand

People love great photography. Photos that resonate with people tend to be saved and shared amongst others for inspiration and to keep in mind for future purposes. Having your photos shared open up the opportunity to be seen and found on a larger scale to audiences that you may not have even thought to reach out to. If your images are resonating with new audiences, it could translate to more awareness and sales opportunities for your business. 

Erin Gilbert