Four Ways to Genuinely Earn Customer Loyalty


Whether you’re an interior designer or part of a brand, customer loyalty can be an invaluable asset in driving business growth. You not only want to keep customers coming back, but also to recommend your business to others. Loyal customers will continue to support you and can help you and boost your reputation through referrals and reviews.


Here are some ways to build customer loyalty:


1. Be Personal

Facilitating a personal relationship with your customers can be tricky–but making the effort can go a long way. Customers may feel more inclined to be loyal if they feel appreciated. Many retailers have implemented triggered email programs to send personal emails during a customer’s birthday or the anniversary of their membership, offering a discount or some other type of incentive. For designers, reaching out to past clients with recommendations or on special occasions can make them feel valued and keep you in mind for further opportunities.  


2. Encourage Feedback

Today’s consumer is incredibly savvy and focused on getting the best quality for their budget. A study by indicated that over 91% of people read online reviews and 84% trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With such a high volume of review-conscious consumers, having feedback available from satisfied customers can certainly help generate new interest in your business. For customers who leave not-so-flattering feedback, it may help to respond to the comments in a respectful and rational manner to show that you are dedicated to customer satisfaction.  


3. Share Current Projects with Your Audience

One of the greatest aspects of interior design is the beautiful imagery that can be captured. When it comes to sharing images, social media is one of the most efficient ways to get your photos in front of an audience. For designers, sharing your latest designs can inspire your existing customers to invest in you for their next project. For brands, showing your products in-situ or in-detail can spark interest for consumers to either look into your product listings or make a purchase.


4. Keep Customers Updated on Future Projects

What better way to keep your customers interested than by creating buzz for the future? Announcing a new product line, upcoming collection or a sneak peek into your latest design project can keep you fresh in the mind the people who follow your business. The interior design industry is constantly evolving and creating new styles, trends and looks, so you should be consistently displaying your growth and versatility through your new products and/or projects.

Remember, loyal and happy customers can help propel your business growth and keep your company thriving. Make sure your customers are the number one priority.   

Erin Gilbert