WEBINAR: Get Better at Pinterest



In October 2018, Dering Hall’s Erin Gilbert and Ben Lineberger sat down with Pinterest expert, Connor Lucas, to discuss how Pinterest can be a valuable resource in the design industry. As a member of the Pinterest Partner Solutions team, Connor gathers information from Pinterest’s partners to provide recommendations on how to best run their Pinterest campaigns and what can lead to better performance.

The video, which can be viewed here, covered the following key areas:

Pinterest 101:

Pinterest’s mission is to help you discover and do things you love. People usually go to Pinterest to discover new ideas and plan for special events or experiences (weddings, home redesigns, etc.) in their lives. During this planning mindset, people are open to new brands and products. On Pinterest, you can find and save these ideas by pinning them to your boards to arrange and organize them visually.   

 At Dering Hall, we want our Pinterest account to focus on showcasing products and portfolio content. Brands and design professionals are updating products and portfolios daily, so we continue to update our boards to keep our account fresh. By viewing analytics, we are able to cater our content to resonate better with our audience to continue driving traffic.


Promoted Pins:

Promoted Pins are Pins that businesses pay to appear alongside content the desired audience is most likely to see. One of the most effective way to reach people in the planning phase is through promoted pins.

Promoted Pins look just like regular pins and appear in three places on the platform:

  • Browse Feed - This is the Pinner’s Homepage. The Pins are personalized based off of the pinner’s behavior, expressed interest, searches, and engagement of past Pins.

  • Search – These are Pins displayed based off of a people searching for the things they are already interested in.

  • Related – These are similar that Pins show up after a Pin’s close-up. These provide the user with additional related content for what they are already engaging.

One-Tap Promoted Pins help people take action on the ideas they’re most interested in. After clicking on a promoted pin, people are taken to a seamless landing page experience where they can take action or learn more.


Ad Formats:

Static Pins – Pins that look like regular Pins but are targeted and amplified.

Promoted Video Pins – Videos that autoplay in your feed.


How to Buy Ads:

You can use Pinterest Auction to achieve greater business results. You can target your audience by placement or behaviorally, and bid on actions that align with your business objectives. Using a “second price auction” style, you will only pay as high as one cent ($.01) above the second highest bid.   

Auction Bid Types – There are two types of bids. Cost per impression (CPM) enables you to pay for ads per thousand impressions. Cost per click enables you to pay only when someone clicks to your website.


Additional Topics Covered in Handout:

Overall Takeaways:

Pinterest is one of the best resources for brands and designers to connect to their target audiences. It is also an extremely valuable resource in driving sales and strengthening brand awareness. If you would like to learn more about how Pinterest can help your business, please feel free to contact Connor at clucas@pinterest.com or contact Dering Hall at marketing@deringhall.com.

Erin Gilbert