Why Online Reviews Are Important


Whether you create products or offer services, one thing is for sure: reviews matter. Today, consumers are relying on online reviews for products and services more than ever. With the convenience of the internet, doing research about a brand or designer can be done on the spot in a matter of seconds. In our August webinar, Capella Kincheloe explained that brands and designers need to nurture and facilitate “social proof” in order to successfully attract new clients.


Here are three reasons why online reviews are important:

1. Information is easy to find – Thanks to smartphones and the internet, information is just a click away. A person can literally hear about a product or service and gather enough information to decide within minutes. When you’re trying to generate new business, the last thing you need are negative reviews that scare away potential customers. When searching, people may also take into account the amount of reviews listed as well, which can be an indicator of how popular and reputable your products or services really are. When it comes to bringing in new business, you want to make sure your search results are in your favor.


2. Online reviews represent personal experience – According to Inc.com, over 91% of people say they read online reviews and 84% say they trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People who leave reviews have already used these products or services, and are have shared their experiences, good or bad. Chances are, if one person feels a certain way about their experience, there are others who will feel the same way. Encourage your satisfied customers to leave honest, unbiased reviews to help steer others in the right direction. If you’re generally getting positive reviews, a few bad reviews will not be as harmful.


3. Reviews help you improve – Perhaps there are customers who aren’t satisfied with your work. Instead of dwelling on these reviews, use them as motivation to improve get better. When problems are brought to your attention, look at them objectively and try to think of the best course of action. Maybe the reviewer is correct and you need to work on improving that particular aspect of your offering. Many review applications will allow you to respond to feedback, so always be respectful when telling your side of the story. Remember, everything on the internet is a representation of your business.

Erin Gilbert