WEBINAR: All Things Dering Hall


In July 2018, the Dering Hall team hosted a webinar to provide some information on recent and upcoming improvements at Dering Hall. The webinar was presented by senior team members: Jeffrey Bolton (Head of Engineering), Sarah Banerjee (Head of Member Experience), Erin Gilbert (Head of Marketing) and Dennis Sarlo (Executive Editor). 

The video, which can be viewed here, discussed improvements in key departments:


  • Dering Hall will be undergoing some changes to the website, helping to enhance the look and user interface. 
  • Product search on Dering Hall will be be improved with faster speeds, better search accuracy and more filters. 
  • Kitchen & Bath category to officially launch in September with full support for brands to showcase their products, projects and portfolios. 
  • Dering Hall will be improving search engine optimization (SEO) across the site to improve organic search.
  • Geo-search technology will be added to Dering Hall, helping to connect professionals within a designated region, city, or radius.

Sales and Marketing:

  • For a limited time, Dering Hall is offering a 20% discount off any Sponsored Content Package.
  • Dering Hall has partnered with Cesanamedia to expand into Italy, which will increase our reach and bring more international brands to Dering Hall.
  • Dering Hall has introduced retargeting to the site to help reconnect visitors to products they have visited, increasing the likelihood they will take action.
  • Dering Hall will be promoting our designers and brands at key fall events such as High Point Fall Market, Discover ADAC, WestEdge, D+D Fall Market and What's New What's Next.
  • Digit Hall will be expanding support for our members by providing digital marketing services such as social media, paid search, content marketing and more.

Member Experience:

  • Dering Hall will continue to expand our Trade program which will benefit both designers who are searching for products and the brands who are listing these products. We have seen about a 100% growth increase within the last year and 34% within the last 6 months
  • Dering Hall will be improving our database to ensure Brand Members' products are listed correctly and are coming up in the right searches. 
  • Dering Hall will be providing opportunities for designers to submit for inclusion in custom content features. 


  • Dering Hall has expanded our Hearst relationship and will now be adding more content to Hearst publications to promote our members.
  • Veranda has been added as a featured syndication partner
  • New eNewsletter templates will be debuted in the fall that will highlight our members in a more efficient way, helping to drive inquiries, portfolio views and leads.
  • Dering Hall's Instagram following has been increasing at a rate of about +1,000 a week, and we have official crossed the 150,000 mark.
  • Dering Hall has been increasing our Pinterest activity to better promote members and products on Dering Hall. Dering Hall's Pinterest now has over 7 million monthly viewers. 
Erin Gilbert