Dering Hall Expands into Italy with Cesanamedia Partnership



Dering Hall announced their expansion into the Italian market with the partnership of Cesanamedia.  Cesanamedia is the leading Italian media agency representing exclusive global media outlets and working closely with luxury fashion and design brands. The partnership represents a unique combination of Dering Hall’s leadership as a luxury design digital marketing platform and Cesanamedia’s leadership in the Italian design market.   

 As a trusted, curated and useful tool to navigate high-end design, Dering Hall features over 50,000 luxury products and produces over 250,000 tearsheets and 150,000 inquiries a year.  

“From the beginning, we built Dering Hall to reflect the unique attributes of the luxury design community,” said Sallick.  “We use digital technology to promote the premium brands on our site to a larger audience. We are thrilled to bring this technology to Italy through our partnership with Cesanamedia. Dering Hall is not an e-commerce company, but a system for building brand awareness and generating leads for showrooms.”

Dering Hall utilizes daily content to educate readers on the value of high-end design and bring readers directly to the products, images, and profiles of Dering Hall members. Editorial at Dering Hall is run by Michael Boodro, former Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor.    All content is featured on the Dering Hall site, daily enewsletter and through an extensive syndication network that includes Elle Decor and Veranda.

“I think more and more, high-end brands are realizing that Dering Hall is a great partner and collaborator in helping them not only feature their work but also to highlight what makes their brand unique to a broader audience,” said Boodro.  “So far, the response from the industry has been very gratifying.”

Cesanamedia is the perfect partner for Dering Hall’s expansion into the Italian market.  As a representative of Net-A-Porter Group and prominent media publications like the New York Times and Wallpaper, Cesanamedia understands the blend of luxury, editorial and digital that is so successful in the world of design.    The partnership will launch July 1.