WEBINAR: Is Design Moving Online?



In May 2018, Erin Gilbert, Head of Marketing at Dering Hall, sat down with Eric Chang, Co-Founder of Hellman-Chang and DFA President, to discuss how online technology is impacting the interior design industry. Fresh from the DFA Summit which focused on the influence of e-commerce on design, this webinar explores some of the trends, insights and takeaways from the event.

The video, which can be viewed here, covered the following key areas:

Consumers and Technology

Today, consumers are trusting the internet more than ever, especially when it comes to making purchases and hiring professionals. In an industry that thrives on personal interactions with tangible objects, how has e-commerce affected consumer decision-making?

What we are finding is the consumers are making larger purchases online, are expecting a faster and more seamless process, and are meddling more than ever.  

Designers Sourcing Online

As more digital resources become available, designers are spending more time researching and sourcing products online. In what ways has technology altered the sourcing/buying process for designers and how will this continue to affect the interior design industry?

Designers are finding new products and ideas online.  They are spending more time than ever sourcing products online.  

Brands Are Relying on Digital

Brands continue to generate business by investing more heavily in digital. The internet has made international ordering and distribution easier than ever, giving Brands more incentives to sell their products online. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brands selling online and how important is an online presence to the success of their business?

Overall Takeaways

We finished the webinar exploring two common takeaways from the e-commerce summit: the idea of aggregation and a unified voice within the industry.  The webinar had a great turnout and excellent questions.