WEBINAR: Powerful Ways to Attract New Clients to Your Design-Based Business


In June 2018, Erin Gilbert, Head of Marketing at Dering Hall, sat down with Laura Bindloss, PR Expert from Nylon Consulting, to discuss ways powerful ways to attract new clients. In this webinar, they discussed tips for using technology, social media and networking to generate more leads and get your name in front of potential customers.

The video, which can be viewed here, covered the following tips:

1. Don’t Ignore Local Media
You shouldn’t assume all of your potential clients are reading popular magazines like ELLE Décor or Architectural Digest. Giving quotes or pitching your local newspaper is a great way to get the word out to attract new clients.


2. Write Search-Friendly Headlines
If you’re going to create a blog on your site, remember to put content keywords that people are likely to type into Google. For example: “how to hang kitchen pendant lights” or “the best shades for a nursery.”


3. Work Your Referrals
Your clients are likely to have friends that are of a similar age and income bracket, and as we all know, much of a designers business comes from referrals. If there is a particular client you're close with, it might be worth asking if their friends are struggling with their own design challenges and seeing if they'd be interested in a one-on-one consultation.


4. Share Tips and Ideas via Social Media
Social media is a great place to share tips and ideas. People are more likely to tag friends when you're sharing beautiful installs or imagery. If you’re not using your own photos, always be sure to credit the designer and/or photographer.


5.     Utilize Real Estate
Real Estate agents and brokers can be a huge asset in attracting new business. As prospective homeowners are purchasing expensive properties, oftentimes they are looking to fill these new homes with beautiful furniture, and are looking for designers to help.


6. Utilize Pinterest
Pinterest is an extraordinary resource for inspiration. As the number one social media platform that promotes sales, the opportunities for new business are endless.  


7. Consider Public Relations
As a brand, consider hiring professional PR services to help get your name out there. There are many aspects of working with the media that can be time-consuming, and it may make the most sense to have an outside agency focus on those aspects while you focus on the business-end.


8.     “Cross-pollinate”
Cross-promotion is a great way to appeal to a larger audience while sharing some of the workload. Try to partner with other companies or brands that don’t offer the same service but target a similar audience.

Erin Gilbert