DERING DATA: How Visitors are Engaging with Member Profile Pages

Dering Hall is introducing a new series to the Dering Hall Community, Dering Data. As a digital platform, Dering Hall has access to a lot of information, from behavior to overall trends within Interior Design.  We will start to share those insights periodically.  

For our first Dering Data segment, we want to explore website engagement. The Dering Hall website is a valuable resource for design inspiration and sourcing high-end merchandise for design projects.  We publish several high-quality editorial pieces every day, with the goal to connect those pieces to the portfolios, products, and profiles of our members.  To measure how well we are doing in that effort, we look at not only how many people are coming to Dering Hall, but how engaged they are with the content. 

Page Views are at an All-Time High at Dering Hall

Unlike media organizations, who sell inventory based on unique visitors, Dering Hall is more interested in those users engaging with the content and finding their way to our members. To measure this engagement, we look at page views. Last month, we topped off a record-breaking quarter with page views, which is now on par with some of the leading digital design inspiration sources, like Elle Decor, according to their most recent media kit.

Monthly Pageviews

Average Pages Per Session Now Over 16

Another way to measure engagement is looking at how many pages each visitor is looking at when they come to Dering Hall.  According to Little Data who surveyed several thousand sites in March 2018, the average pages per session is 2.6.  At Dering Hall, we are now over 16.  That means average visitors are coming to our site and looking at over 16 pages before leaving.  More importantly, it means more visitors are viewing member product and profile pages.

Average Page Views Per Month

Profile, Product and Portfolio Views Higher than Ever

We pay attention to engagement metrics because the health of our online engagement correlates to the amount of traffic we drive to Dering Hall members.  As one would expect, those numbers are also at historic highs.  More people than ever are going to Product, Profile and Product pages on Dering Hall, connecting the world-class editorial to the brands and professionals behind it. 

Dering Hall Profile, Product and Portfolio pages got an average of 1.48 million views per month in 2017.  In 2018, that number has grown to 1.57 million, which equates to an additional 90,000 views for Dering Hall member pages every month.  


Engagement is a tricky thing to measure, but looking at metrics like page views, average pages per sessions and views to our most important pages, the Dering Hall member pages, we get a sense that more people are engaging with the Dering Hall site than ever before.  We will continue to watch these metrics and will keep you updated on their growth.  Look for more insteresting stats and datapoint from Dering Hall's new series Dering Data.