Westweek Welcomes an Esteemed Group of Dering Hall Members

Pacific Design Center hosted WESTWEEK 2018 last month to discuss worldwide inspirations, innovations and destinations that influence the creativity of design professionals.

Many Dering Hall members participated in the comprehensive series of programs and events and helped provide information and education to nearly 4,000 WESTWEEK trade professionals attending from across the west and around the globe.

Here is a sampling of some of the Dering Hall brands that participated in WESTWEEK:


Natasha Baradaran

Natasha Baradaran, founder of Natatasha Baradaran Interior Designs, strives to provide excellent quality interior design, interior architecture and furniture for high-end residential and commercial settings.  She runs a full service design firm in which she incorporates her multicultural background in her design ideas using a mix of European design traditions, and Middle Eastern arts to create endless limitations. She services many high-end domains, both residential and commercial.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Martyn Lawrence Bullard, named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest,  is known for his extensive range of sophisticated and stylish interiors. Bullard has over 4000 publications around the globe, some of which are included in Elle Decor, House & Garden, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.  Bullard has mastered a variety of different styles and has committed to paying close attention to intricate details to produce quality work. His clientele includes, but is not limited to, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Mendes and so forth.




Kravet is a large home fashion brand and a major distributor of fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, carpets, accessories, trimmings and etc. Kravet has locations all around the world and provides great customer service as well as quality products. Kravet has over 40 showrooms in the USA, Canada and the UK. It was originally founded in 1903 by Shamuel Kravetsky. The first store ever opened was in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1923. Today, Kravet works with a number of different designers that such as Alexa Hampton, Barbara Barry, Sarah Richardson, Calvin Klein Home, and etc.


Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman, owner of Nicole Sassaman Interiors, has been featured on HGTV and the Style Network for her beautiful, yet budget-friendly, design ideas. Her design philosophy is simple, “anything is possible and every wall has a door.” Sassaman is one of the top design artists in her field. She worked with more than 100 different residences in the Los Angeles area, including many high-end homes and commercial spaces. She has also worked on projects in New York, London and San Francisco.


David Phoenix

Founder of David Phoenix Interior Design, David Phoenix takes pride in every project that is assigned to him. He customizes each design project to tailor each individual client’s needs. Phoenix offers an assortment of services that include property consulting, space planning, interior designing and etc. Phoenix has an international clientele which include celebrities, royalties, business magnates and homeowners. His firm is fervent on supplying great customer service and meticulous dedication on comfort and quality to their clients. By doing so, they expect to deliver nothing less than quality designs and personalized experiences.


Richard Manion

Richard Manion, founder of Richard Manion Architecture, graduated from Columbia University where he received a degree in American and European architectural history. Shortly after graduation, he started his career in one of the most renowned architectural firms in the nation, Robert A.M. Stern and Venturi. Today, he creates unique residences and reconstructions for homes with respect to classic and historic imagery. He also incorporates contemporary influences to ensure that there is a mix of authenticity as well as a sense of sophistication in his designs. All of his work is individualized and every detail is meticulously combined with in-depth comprehension of regional building styles.


Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell, owner of Nina Campbell Designs, is a highly influential designer in the interior design industry. Her reputation for her illustrious sense of style attracts a diverse clientele, including both contemporary and modern interiors. Campbell first took an interest in interior design at the age of nineteen, when she went to work John Fowler, a prestigious design firm. Shortly after, she went down the entrepreneurial route and started her own interior design firm. She constructed a fabric and wallpaper collection which was internationally distributed by Osborne & Little. Today, she persistently flourishes with many remarkable projects, both residential and commercial. She tailors each project to reflect her clients lifestyles and needs. Campbell was awarded an honorary doctorate award from the University of Middlesex in 2001. She is a recipient of many other awards including the Royal Oak Timeless Design Award and the American Fashion Award.


Tom Stringer

Tom Stringer, president of Tom Stringer Designs, is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in architecture. Stringer incorporates both his interpersonal skills and design skills when crafting projects for his clients. His firm's work is very client-centered. His approach to design projects includes discovering the distinctive story behind each client and their home, then tailoring it to each individuals lifestyle. He believes that there is no “one size fits all look” to their projects.


Michelle Pereira

Michelle Pereira, a native of California, is the owner of Michelle Pereira Interiors. She centers her work on surface design. She has a line of fabrics that many interior designers and architects use. She commemorates ancient traditions of textile design via design and crafting of woodblocks. Practicing shibori, a Japanese resist dying skill, for the last twenty years has widely influenced her design techniques. Much of her creativity comes from nature - patterns, organic nature and color contrasts. She has sold her pieces of work to boutiques all around the country.


Wade Weissmann

Wade Weissmann Architecture is full service boutique architecture firm with both domestic and international projects. Wade Weissmann, founder and president of the firm, is known for his matchless design instincts and seamless designs. Weissmann received his bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin and attended the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained his masters in architecture. Weissmann strives to encircle himself with only the “best of the best” with the belief that a collaborative approach will supply the best results.


Mark Weaver


Mark Weaver and Associates, based out of Los Angeles, is a full service design firm. It was originally founded in 1970 by Mark A. Weaver, himself. Weaver was born in Southern California. His work covers a variety of different projects including residential installations, private aircrafts, yachts, and private island retreats. His clientele ranges from coast to coast, all the way from Los Angeles to New York. He also designed offices for Fortune 500 companies. Weaver strives to work attentively work with clients to adhere to their needs and lifestyle. He provides inviting and gracious environments that are filled with conscientiously chosen furniture, art and antiques.


Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder Home is a diverse platform of interior design craftsmanship, producing high quality, electric work. Her work has been featured on Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Elle Decor, Town & Country, House & Garden, and House & Beautiful. She has also been showcased on “Top 100 List of Designers” for several different magazines including House Beautiful, Elle Decor and New York Magazine.


Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith, president and founder of Windsor Smith Interiors, creates elegant interior designs for homeowners and businesses. She is sought out by leaders in both the entertainment and business world. Her work reflects the lifestyle of her clients. She is featured in many design blogs because of her thoughtful approaches when creating rooms. She is also known for doing made-to-order furnishing lines. Additionally, she has a wide variety of licenses with leading home furnishing companies such as Kravet, Century Furniture, Boyd Lighting, Mansour Modern, Soicher Modern, and Jamie Beckwith Collection.


Ryan Jackson

Studio Jackson is a full service interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California. It offers consultancy services to its clients. Ryan Gordon Jackson, the founder of Studio Jackson, uses a refined approach in relation to interior design. Jackson graduated from the Design Institute of San Diego. He has over fifteen years of professional work experience. He has worked for AD100 Design Firm Magni Design Inc. His work has been featured in many different publications such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, LUXE Interiors, Elle Decor China and several others.


Ohara Davies

Providing a natural and artful approach to her design, Ohara Davies-Gaetano, is a a fan favorite. A New York native, Davies, took a strong interest in art and design at a very young age. As she grew older, she did much of her learning through extensive traveling and observations of her surroundings. Much of her work has been featured in publications such as House Beautiful, Traditional Home, LUXE, and California Interiors. Davies has offices in Southern California and Dallas.  She offers her clients distinctive and a personal design experiences. Each design project has a vivacity of its own.


Birgit Klein Interiors

Based in Los Angeles, Birgit Klein, owner of Birgit Klein Interiors, is known for crafting luxurious and timeless interior design styles. Birgit has the perfect aesthetics which is evidently showcased through her work and her European background. This helps her create a bespoke environment that is customized to tailor each client and their design needs. Additionally, it provides alluring and functional design work. Birgit is known for building trusted relationships with her clients and offering devoted service with the help of her experienced team. Birgit Klein is a graduate of KLC School, located in London, UK. After her graduation, she had traveled extensively which led her to gain a new frame of reference in interior design and has also highly influenced her deisgn projects.


Thomas Pheasant

With over thirty years of professional design experience, Thomas Pheasant, has crafted many beautiful homes. Pheasant’s work has been featured in many prestigious architectural and interior design magazines. He was given the “Dean of Design” award back in 2005 for his phenomenal work. The International Market Center in Las Vegas awarded him with the Design Icon Award. Today, he continues to strive to work on various projects around the globe, both residential and commercial.


Landry Design Group

Richard Landry, founder and president of Landry Design Group received his undergraduate degree from the University of Montreal, in Quebec Canada, where he studied architecture. He continued his studies at  Københavns Universitet in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a licensed architect in fourteen different states.  His vision for his firm is to be sensitive to the clients visions and desires, so that he can craft a home that responds to their lifestyle. Landry has been featured on Architectural Digest as one of the top designers since 2002. His firm strives to create a wide range of styles, varying from classical estates to rural villas, as well as cutting edge contemporary structures. Landry Design Groups work is as diverse as their clientele.


Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper is the owner of Pacific Cooper Kitchens. He conjoins his distinct aesthetics with a high level of detail in each project. His speciality is luxurious kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms. He starts every project with the same approach - grasping the client’s tastes and lifestyle. Every design he has  come up with is reflected by thoughtful structure, material and finishes. He has not only consulted projects in the USA, but other regions of the world as well. He clientele is very diverse. He graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in finance. Shortly after his graduation, he joined his family business as the manager of Cooper Pacific Kitchens. Today, he continues the Cooper legacy. His skilled team includes crafted designers and project engineers.


Delta Wright

Delta, founder of Delta Wright Interiors, believes home is a state of being. She uses a mix of modernist sensibility as well as her craftsman skills to create aesthetically pleasing interior design styles. Wright is a trained ceramic artist, and a graduate of Pratt’s renowned design program. She was raised in a small town in Illinois and went to a premier design studio program in Copenhagen, Denmark after finishing college. Her motto is "nothing moves without soul." She is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Her mission is to produce gorgeous, modern interiors that exert warmth and celebrate the soul of every client. Wright believes creating a home smoothes your soul, ignites your imagination, and hosts your family’s milestone.