Dering Hall Makes it Easier than Ever for Users to Find your Products Locally


In addition to listing all local showrooms in brand profiles, Dering Hall now geo-targets all products to the nearest showroom to view, source, and purchase.

If you are a member with a profile of products on Dering Hall, make sure your list of showrooms is up-to-date.  To enter in your local showrooms, go to the "About" section in your profile and list the addresses of your showrooms under "Showrooms."  Make sure to list the exact Google Places Address (not just the address of the showroom) so things like your phone number and suite number are included.  

In addition to the showrooms listed on your profile, all products will be geo-targeted to the specific user.  A user in San Francisco, for example, will see the San Francisco design center listed next to a product, whereas a user in Boise might see the Design Center of Boise or the Seattle Design Center.

This sophisticated technology enables local designers to find the products of members easier than ever.  To take advantage of this new feature, make sure your profile is up-to-date with all the design centers and showrooms of your products.  

If you are interested in listing your products on Dering Hall, contact us today.