The Benefits of Adding Pricing to your Products

The Dunand Coffee Table from  Bliss Studio  includes pricing

The Dunand Coffee Table from Bliss Studio includes pricing

Many high-end brands who list products on Dering Hall wonder if they should be transparent with their pricing.  Here is a brief list of some of the benefits of listing your pricing:

Better Quality Leads:  

Adding pricing, especially trade pricing, makes the shopping process more efficient and makes it easier for designers to seriously consider your products. If their budget fits your product line, and they know that up front, it’s a much higher quality lead and more likely they will use your products in their next project.  

Verified Trade:  

Dering Hall only shows trade pricing to professionals that have been approved for our trade program. When you reveal your pricing and get an inquiry marked “trade”.

Flexibility in How you Display Pricing:  

If your products are custom and have a price range, there is an option of putting a “starting at” price to help give designers an estimate of the cost.  

Higher Chance of Getting Used in Presentations:  

When designers are pulling together presentations within a specific budget, knowing the cost or even price range of products is incredibly important.  Some of these professionals are also under time constraints, so even a 24 hour turnaround time is too long. They will simply move onto another product with more transparency, so they can present their clients with all the information available.  

Help Build a Larger Trade Audience at Dering Hall:

When more brands reveal their pricing, Dering Hall is able to use that to increase participation in the Dering Hall trade program.  Currently, Dering Hall has nearly 6,000 verified trade members, but we are actively trying to increase that number. The more we can tout visible trade pricing, the more professionals we will get sourcing products on Dering Hall.

If you have questions on how to include pricing on your products, email  If you are interested in becoming a Dering Hall member, contact us today at