How to Write an Effective Product Description


When listing your products on Dering Hall, you want to make sure your descriptions are accurate and detailed for prospective buyers.  The more thorough your product descriptions, the easier it is for your products to be found using the search feature on Dering Hall.

Here are six tips to help you  write more effective product descriptions:

1.  Use Search-Friendly Product Titles

Listing the product type (e.g. “lounge chair” or “side table”) within the name of your product title can greatly improve your chances of appearing in search results (both within the site and via Google) – especially if your product has a creative name.


2.  Make Sure Your Products are Categorized Correctly

To ensure that your products can be easily found, make sure that they have the correct categorizations for product type, sub-type, style and material. Incorrectly categorizing your products means that they may be missed when shoppers are sourcing from the site. Please do not over-categorize products in an effort to increase the places where they will appear, this will just frustrate shoppers.


3.  Provide Exact Size and Dimensions

When designing a space, it is absolutely essential to calculate measurements in order to map out what products can be incorporated into the layout. Listing your product’s exact dimensions (depth, width, height) allows shoppers and designers to plan accordingly and find feasible options.


4.  List Product Lead Times

Designers and shoppers often have timeframes in which they are expected to complete projects. Providing an approximate lead time helps to alleviate any confusion as to when they can expect to receive your product after purchase.


5.  Include Unique Details in Your Description

If your product has unique or special details that are not immediately apparent within your photos or product specs, be sure to include them in your product description! Elaborating on indiscernible details can help to boost the value and appeal of your products and help to speed up the buying process.  




6.  Add Trade and List Pricing

Price is a key piece of information that interior designers need when sourcing products. Adding price, especially trade pricing, makes the shopping process more efficient and makes it easier for designers to seriously consider your products. We only show trade pricing to professionals that have been approved for our trade program. If your products are custom and have a price range, we suggest putting an average price or “starting at” price to help give designers an estimate of the cost.