How Matthew Studios Uses Dering Hall

Quinn Agate stone table by  Matthew Studios .  

Quinn Agate stone table by Matthew Studios.  

The Matthew Studios collection is elegantly inspired by nature and incorporates material such as rough quartz crystal, naturally-shed horn, semi-precious stones, and lucite.  A Dering Hall member since 2014, Matthew Studios joined to increase awareness of their products.  

What it is:  Matthew Studios was established in 2008.  The refined collection of products are U.L. listed and made in the U.S.A.

Where it is Located: New York City

Why they Joined Dering Hall:  Matthew Studios joined Dering Hall to expand the awareness of their products.  They joined in 2014.

"We use Dering Hall to increase exposure for our products.  We get inquiries every week from the US and internationally. It is an easy way to gain a larger audience of people who haven't had the opportunity to see our product in person."
Anne Scotti
Sales and Marketing Executive

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Matthew Studios received 20,824 profile and product views in one year through Dering Hall

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Matthew Studios had 286 tear sheet actions in one year, more than 13 per month

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Matthew Studios had 322 inquiries in one year, an additional 15 per month.  An inquiry is defined as an email or phone call from an interested buyer.

Matthew Studios has over 100 products uploaded onto their Dering Hall profile.  The more products a brand has on Dering Hall, the more likely they are to be featured in the premium, world-class content of Dering Hall.  

Recently, Dering Hall has made it easier than ever to upload additional products and keep profiles up-to-date and interesting. 

"The system was recently updated so it’s easier than ever to use. "
-Anne Scotti

As a Dering Hall Member, Matthew Studios has a complete brand profile on Dering Hall.   Their brand profile includes a selection of products, a portfolio with beautiful images of their products in high-end design, more information on their company, recent press and links to their other websites and social media platforms.  

Each product listed on Dering Hall connects directly to a detailed product page that allows users to download, view, and print tear sheets and reach out directly to Matthew Studios.  

Matthew Studios appeared in 43 Dering Hall stories in 2017.  While these were not dedicated stories on the Matthew Studies brand, they were stories that featured products from Matthew Studios and increased interest and awareness.


Knobs and pulls by  Matthew Studios .  

Knobs and pulls by Matthew Studios.  

The tearsheet activity comes primarily from the design community, who utilize tearsheets when sourcing products for specific projects.  

One of the key benefits of being on Dering Hall is having access to a large, curated audience of design professionals.  This is reflected in the tearsheet activity.  When a  company like Matthew Studios has a tearsheet action on one of their products every other day, that is an indication that design professionals, not just the general public, are interested in their products. 

Visitors to the Dering Hall website can download photographs and tearsheets in a single click from the brand's product page.  View the brass and clear quartz crystal from the Matthew Studios product page here (pictured above).  

If you are a brand looking to increase your awareness and generate activity around your products within the design community, consider becoming a brand member of Dering Hall today.