The ABC's of Instagram Stories


With more than 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories is a great way to connect with your friends, followers  and clients on Instagram. It can spark a DM (direct message) conversation with individuals that you might not regularly interact with, in a natural way. Here are some tips that will help you get started and improve your Instagram Stories strategy. 

Share a Daily Beauty

Use your Instagram story to share the highlights of your day. Something that may not warrant an Instagram post may still be interesting enough to share in your Instagram story.  Content on your story disappears after 24 hours, so it should be topical.  

Be Honest

Share the tests and trials of your process. Your followers will find your tips helpful and interesting. 

Use Video

To keep your story interesting and engaging, try using different mediums.  Video is a great way to keep your followers watching.

Get Personal

Show parts of your personal life that you are comfortable sharing. Pets and children are always a hit! 

Share Experiences

You may not use Instagram Stories every day, but make an exception when you are on a trip or an excursion.  Your followers will love to see places that inspire you.

Use Locations Tags and Instagram Mentions

One of the best ways to engage your audience is by highlighting the places you’ve visited and tagging interesting venues and people you encounter. This allows your audience to find out more information in case they are interested in having similar experiences. This gives your audience a reason to keep checking out your stories, and also helps to give you some influencer points.


GuidanceErin Gilbert