WEBINAR: How to Build Your Brand on Instagram


Instagram is an excellent platform to help you create awareness, grow your audience, and share content. Used correctly, it can be an essential element in building your brand and increasing your following and a great way to explore digital promotion. 

In Spring 2018, Dering Hall presented a webinar hosted by Dennis Sarlo and Erin Gilbert, on how to effectively build your brand on Instagram. Dennis Sarlo, former Site Editor at Architectural Digest, uses his industry expertise to increase Dering Hall's Instagram following by 1,000 per week. Erin Gilbert is a digital marketing strategist and speaker with 15 years experience growing awareness in multiple industries.  

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Engaging your current and potential audience
  • Growing your following and customer base
  • Best practices for tags and hashtags
  • When to post and how often