5 Tips to Increase Editorial Content on Dering Hall

Open floor plan by  Laura Michaels Design . 

Open floor plan by Laura Michaels Design

Dering Hall features the incredible work of our members in our editorial section, which is called The Daily Journal. We write articles, including house tours, product round-ups, event coverage and more, that showcase the beautiful projects and products of our designer talents. We aim to include as many members as possible in these features. Below are 5 tips to help you better connect your products with our editors.

1. Respond to the Editorial Calendar

Our customer service team sends out a monthly editorial calendar listing the upcoming articles our editors are working on. We strongly encourage you to submit any products you have that fit with the upcoming topics. When the editorial team is creating product round-ups and other articles, the submissions list is one of the first places they go to source content. 

2. Tag Your Products Correctly

To ensure that your products can be easily found, make sure that products are tagged correctly. Incorrectly tagging products means that they may be missed when the editorial team is sourcing for stories. Please do not over-tag products in an effort to increase the places they appear. This is frustrating to editors and users alike. 

3. Tell Us About New Products

We want to tell our readers and visitors about your new products. Whether you are introducing one new piece to market or launching a whole new line, let us help you market these new items. To start, tell your account manager about any new pieces and upload them to your storefront. This will help us strategize the best way to promote the items and ensure that your profile stays fresh and up-to-date. Pictured above is an image from Laura Michaels Design which was featured in the article 30 Stylish Open Concept Spaces.


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.33.47 PM.png

4. Upload the Best Quality Imagery

If possible, use professionally shot photos for your profile. Even lighting is important as well, so that users don’t confuse shadows for different colors on the product. Try to shoot against a white background, especially since primary product images will be silhouetted against white. A good example is a glass or lucite product—if it’s shot against a colored background, when silhouetted, the product may appear to be that color. Remember, since this is a website, the photo of the product is the product, in a way! The product above, the Hayden Bar Cart from Interlude Home, was featured in the article Sophisticated Bar Carts for Everyday Entertaining.  

5. Let Us Know When You Are Participating in Events

We like to promote events, including showhouses, trade shows, panels, etc., that our members are involved with. We can support these events in various ways, including on social media and in blog posts, so make sure to provide your account manager with the details. The product above, the Jackson Accent Lamp by Robert Long Lighting, was introduced at ICFF in May 2016 and featured in the article 15 Standout Products from ICFF 2016.

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