The Jeff Schlarb Podcast: Stanley Saitowitz of Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects Inc.


In addition to leading a design studio, Dering Hall member and interior designer, Jeff Schlarb, is also known for hosting podcasts featuring some influential guests. His guest list includes artists of all disciplines including wine-makers, restauranteurs, musicians, architects, and of course, fellow designers. 


In this podcast, Stanley Saitowitz speaks with Jeff about the resiliency required to be an architect, the architectural direction San Francisco is heading in, and some of the challenges and opportunities his firm is taking on.

About Stanley Saitowitz

Stanley Saitowitz is a world-renowned architect and the Principal of Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects. He is an Emeritus Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. He has taught at numerous schools, including the Elliot Noyes Professor, Harvard University GSD (1991-2), the Bruce Goff Professor, University of Norman, Oklahoma (1993), UCLA, Rice, SCIARC, Cornell, Syracuse, and University of Texas at Austin. 

His first house was built in 1975, and together with Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects Inc., has completed numerous buildings and projects. These have been residential, commercial and institutional. He has designed houses, housing, master plans, offices, museums, libraries, wineries, synagogues, churches, commercial and residential interiors, memorials, urban landscapes and promenades.

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