5 Ways to Get Media Coverage for Your Business


In the design industry, building a reputation and standing out can sometimes be challenging – especially if you’re just starting out. You want your target audience to notice your brand, but how do you go about getting their attention? By looking into some alternative outlets, you may find the answer.

Here are some outlets you leverage to gain media coverage for your business:

1. Press releases
Press releases are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get exposure for your business. Unlike a blog or social post, your press release should focus on something newsworthy, such as a new product launch, a project completion for a high-profile client, or a major event announcement for your company.  Publishing content to (paid) platforms like PR Newswire or PR Web submits the content to hundreds of news sources, many of which will pick it up and post on their site. Having your content on these sites will help build your website and brand credibility and also give a slight boost to your SEO. Pro tip: There are also free platforms such as PRLog and PR.com that will host the content and can help to boost your brand’s searchability.

2. Philanthropy and Community Involvement
Giving back to your community is always a great thing, and it can definitely help to get your brand’s name out there in a positive way. Start by sponsoring local events, donating money, or working within your community on behalf of your business. This will help to build brand recognition and can help get you noticed by local publications, public officials and even news outlets. Using your brand as a positive source for community involvement helps to build awareness, credibility, and loyalty.  

3. Public Relations Firms
If you’re really looking to gain coverage for your brand, consider hiring professional PR services to help get your name out there. Without the right connections, it may be challenging to get in front of a large audience – so hiring a PR company may be a necessity. There are many aspects of working with the media that can be time-consuming, and it may make the most sense to have an outside agency focus on those aspects while you focus on the business-end.

4. Social Media
Social media should be an essential part of every marketing strategy. If you’re looking to gain media attention, build a loyal following, and increase your popularity, make sure to be active on social media. Using platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, you can engage with influencers and industry professionals to help get your name out there. If you continue to do great work that is inspirational and appealing, you are on the right path to gain the exposure you’re hoping for.  

5. Dering Hall

Dering Hall is one of the best resources for brands, architects and design professionals to gain coverage for their business. Dering Hall provides daily world-class editorial content and is a curated resource for the trade, consumers, and industry professionals. Dering Hall also shares its content with syndication partners including Elle Decor and Cottages and Gardens. For industry professionals looking to gain exposure and build an audience, Dering Hall is an excellent resource.

Erin Gilbert