The Jeff Schlarb Podcast: Lewis Butler, Butler Armsden Architects


In addition to leading a design studio, Dering Hall member and interior designer, Jeff Schlarb, is also known for hosting podcasts featuring some influential guests. His guest list includes artists of all disciplines including wine-makers, restauranteurs, musicians, architects, and of course, fellow designers.


In this podcast, Jeff speaks with founder and president of Butler Armsden Architects, Lewis Butler. His approach to architecture combines a deep understanding of a variety of historical traditions, and a profound sensitivity to urban and rural landscapes, with a bold optimism about what architecture can contribute to our future. Butler’s work has been locally, nationally, and internationally recognized.

Lewis Butler describes the amalgamation of historic architecture meeting innovative architecture in London, San Francisco, Old Europe and beyond. We chuckled about working with local planning departments as an opportunity rather than an endless uphill battle. Plus a look at Lewis’ renovations to his own San Francisco home and how he designed his own office through a friendly office competition.
— Jeff Schlarb

Topics also discussed in this podcast include:

- The role of planning/building departments in architectural and design projects
- Architecture’s educational curriculum
- Advice for growing your architectural or design team

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