The Jeff Schlarb Podcast: 1-on-1 with Suzanne Tucker


In addition to leading a design studio, Dering Hall member and interior designer, Jeff Schlarb, is also known for hosting podcasts featuring some influential guests. His guest list includes artists of all disciplines including wine-makers, restauranteurs, musicians, architects, and of course, fellow designers.

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In this podcast, he speaks with fellow Dering Hall member and leading interior designer, Suzanne Tucker of Suzanne Tucker Home / Tucker & Marks. Based out of San Francisco, Tucker is recognized today as one of the country’s leading interior designers. She discusses her passions, techniques and inspirations behind her unique designs, furniture lines, textiles, and books.

Topics also discussed in this podcast include:

  • The significance of creating a legacy in the world of design

  • Giving back to the community

  • Suzanne’s favorite places to travel

  • The importance of mentorship and delegation

Please find the entire podcast at the top of the page. Thank you to Jeff Schlarb and Suzanne Tucker for allowing us to share this engaging conversation with the Dering Hall community.


Jeff Schlarb leads a band of beloved design teammates who brave the brilliant edge of the interior design world and bend it back to a simple pair of words, Rad Elegance.

Erin Gilbert