Dering Hall Presents First Master Class: All About Lighting


Dering Hall is launching a Master Class series. Our first class, All About Lighting, is November 7, 2018. Our master classes will provide a deep dive for interior design professionals on a well-defined topic. As a design professional, you will leave with a thorough understanding of the skills and subjects covered and how they can be applied in your work.

The first class will feature special guest Kellee Hammond from Hudson Valley Lighting and will focus on basic tips, best practices, and practical advice in choosing, installing, and powering beautiful lights for your design projects. Unlike our monthly webinars, these intensive sessions will run 30 minutes and will be led by an industry expert.

In All About Lighting, Learn:

  • The different types of designer lighting and how to determine appropriate choice for each space

  • Important factors to consider in the planning phase

  • The three layers of lighting design

  • Striking the right balance when incorporating multiple points of light

  • Choosing the right bulb types and switches for adequate illumination and energy conservation

  • General sizing guidelines

While anyone is welcome to join our master classes, they will be trade-focused and all curriculum will be designed with interior designers in mind. We hope you join us in November and every month for this exciting new series by Dering Hall.

Erin Gilbert