Dering Hall Brand Membership FAQs

  1.  What does Dering Hall membership include?

    As a Dering Hall member, you’ll have access to build a profile on our site, which is fully searchable by our user base. Your profile is the basis for how we promote you, providing a platform to showcase your work on our site. Once you’re published to the site, you’re eligible for inclusion in our editorial content and on-site and newsletter features, and will have access to an analytics dashboard, where you can see how our users are interacting with your content. You also gain access to our extended partnership network, including syndicated content on, and more.

  2. How long will it take me to set up my profile?

    Typically, an afternoon of dedicated time will be sufficient to complete your profile. Our members who have particularly large product collections or who are less accustomed to working digitally may need additional time. You will have a dedicated account manager, who is always on hand to provide support and feedback.

  3. Can you automatically update my products using my product feed?

    We are not currently able to support automatic updates, but we are happy to work with our members who have larger product assortments on using their product data exports to get their profile set up. Ask your account manager for more details.

  4. Can I update my profile once it is published?

    Yes, you can make edits to your profile any time. Once your profile is published, all edits are reflected in more-or-less real time on the front end.

  5. I already have a DECASO profile. How would it work if I wanted to join Dering Hall, as well?

    We welcome members to maximize their exposure by listing on both Dering Hall and DECASO! While the systems are not fully integrated, we have set up one-step billing and consistent product updates for our members who list on both platforms, to make account maintenance as easy and efficient as possible.

  6. Does Dering Hall have guidelines for product listings?

    Yes. Dering Hall members may only list products that they have the right to list on our site, as outlined in our terms and conditions. Product images must be a minimum of 960 x 720 pixels, and they and the product listings must accurately represent the product. Our members are responsible for keeping all product and profile information up-to-date.

  7. Can I sell product directly through Dering Hall?

    No, Dering Hall is not a transactional or e-commerce site at this time. We welcome you to work with our sister company, Chairish, which is a fully transactional site, for quick ship and sample items.

  8. What coverage can I expect to receive via Dering Hall?

    We produce varied content featuring our designers and brands, and so we’re not able to guarantee that you’ll appear in our editorial content a specific number of times. That being said, we make an effort to include all of our members periodically. Once you’re published, you can use your account manager as a resource to help you understand whether the amount of coverage you’re receiving is typical and how you can optimize your profile to be included more frequently.

  9. Can I submit projects or products to the editorial team?

    All brand members are given access to an editorial calendar for product-focused stories, and can submit up to 5 products per feature. We do not have a project submission system at this time.

  10. Is there a minimum membership term?

    Yes, in order to make sure you’re getting full exposure we require a minimum annual commitment.

  11. Will you write articles specifically about my company or firm?

    Most of our content features a group of our members. However, as a member of Dering Hall, you also gain the opportunity to collaborate with our editorial team on custom content, which is firm- or company-specific. Ask your account manager or the business development team member you’re working with for more details!

  12. Can I have both a designer and a brand profile?

    Absolutely! All brand profiles come with unlimited portfolio images, which can include room shots of your product or design images if you are a designer. If you’d like two separate profiles for your product and design work, you’ll need to purchase two memberships.

  13. If I become a member, will you feature me on your Instagram?

    We try to feature all of our new members on Instagram after they have been published. For the most part, however, our editorial and social media team makes decisions about what to post based on their knowledge of our Instagram audience.

  14. How many sales can I expect through Dering Hall?

    Because our involvement in the sales process ends once we connect you with the person or firm interested in your product, we don’t have data on a sale conversion rate. Once you’re published, though, we give you access to analytics that will detail how many people have looked at your profile and products, saved or downloaded tearsheets, and connected with your company via Dering Hall.

  15. How many projects can I expect to book through Dering Hall?

    While we love when our designers book projects through our editorial and social media coverage, we don’t have a way to track that conversion rate, nor is it the focus of our portfolio memberships. Instead, you can think of Dering Hall as an avenue to reaching a broad audience to highlight the incredible work you do.

  16. Can I use Dering Hall to publicize content other than my portfolio and products?

    We love hearing when our members have news to share or are featured in media outlets. You will be able to share these from the “News” section of your profile.

  17. What other benefits come with membership outside of editorial coverage?

    We are proud of the editorial content we produce every day, but it’s only one aspect of Dering Hall’s membership benefits. The biggest benefit we offer is access to our user base, which is a mix of designers and consumers and is actively engaged in reading our editorial, browsing the site to discover designers and brands previously unknown to them, and reaching out to the people who list their products and services with us to learn more. We help these users discover our members through features in our newsletter, on-site promotions (Featured Designers/Featured Brands), and our social media promotion.

  18. Are there any other resources I should review to maximize my profile?

    Yes, we have additional articles and videos you may find helpful: