Designer Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is changing with the designer directory?

Starting in summer 2019, Dering Hall is expanding the exposure of the designer directory.  The first step of the expansion will be adding links and modules to the Chairish and DECASO websites, thereby doubling the potential traffic and exposure to the directory to over 5M eyeballs a month.

In late summer, we will recreate the directory on Chairish and DECASO to improve the user experience for potential clients and make the directory more robust and effective in bringing awareness to your work.

Later in the year, we will also build out features that highlight geographic proximity, to support lead generation that is geographically targeted.  

Why are we changing the directory?

The change is based on feedback from a recent survey given to Dering Hall designer members who clearly said they were looking for more exposure and leads from membership.  As a result of this input, we are taking steps to generate more traffic and local inquiries for your design firm.

When will this change happen?

These changes will be iterative and we will communicate every step of the process.  The first phase, which will simply be links and modules from the homepages of Chairish and DECASO that drive traffic to the existing designer directory on Dering Hall, will be completed in June 2019.

How will my membership be affected?

By expanding the Designer Directory to Chairish and DECASO, we will double monthly exposure to the designer directory.  As part of your membership, your firm will now get in front of a larger audience of design-enthusiasts.

Am I going to have to pay more?

Your investment as a member of Dering Hall will not change.  There is no additional cost with these enhancements.

Will my work now be featured on DECASO or Chairish like it’s now featured on Dering Hall?

You will have the opportunity to have your work featured on Chairish and DECASO in the same way it is now featured on Dering Hall.  Any image will be credited to your firm and link to your profile, regardless of where it appears. But to ensure that you have actively requested this change, this will not happen automatically.   If you are interested in having your work featured on Chairish and DECASO to a much larger audience, simply click here.

Do I have to pay extra to be featured on DECASO and Chairish?

The additional exposure will not cost more.  Your current membership rates will stay the same.

Do Chairish or DECASO have a larger monthly audience than Dering Hall?

Chairish has a much larger monthly audience at about 2.3M per month compared to Dering Hall at 300,000.  When we combine all three sites (Dering Hall, Chairish and DECASO) with our partner Elle Decor, the total audience of the design directory becomes approximately 5M each month.

Where and how are my images be used if I am a current member (joined before May 20th 2019)?

Images are used in features and promotion in other media vehicles, including but not limited to social media, email, direct mail and in editorial on Dering Hall, Elle Decor, and other design sites like Cottages & Gardens, Quintessence, and Forbes Life. If you would like to expand this type of coverage to both DECASO and Chairish, simply click here.

How will my images be credited?

Your images will always be credited back to the name of your firm and will include photography or styling credits when provided.  

Will I have to sign a new contract?

No, you will not have to sign a new contract.

What if I do not want to be featured on DECASO and/or Chairish?

If you do not want to be featured on DECASO and/or Chairish, and you became a member prior to May 20, 2019, simply take no action and your images will not be used in those media vehicles.  

Will this affect the way I upload photos on Dering Hall?

The way you upload photos or manage your profile will not change.

Will this expansion increase my chances of being found through online search?

Yes.  The more places you are featured and mentioned, the higher your ranking will be on search engines like Google and Bing.

Will I still have my page on the Elle Decor Designer Directory?


Will the expansion increase my chances of being featured on

Our relationship with Elle Decor stays the same.  Elle Decor is a syndication partner and the editorial team of Dering Hall will continue to provide content on a regular basis as part of this agreement.

Will I still have a dashboard to track impressions?

In the short-term, the backend of your profile will not change. We will simply be directing more exposure and traffic to your profile by featuring the designer directory on Chairish and DECASO.  As we expand the directory on both sites, we will be recreating the experience to live on all three platforms. Some things may change, but hopefully we will keep the features you value and this migration will only improve the overall experience.

If I choose to have my images featured on Chairish and DECASO, will the impressions I get on Chairish or DECASO be reflected in my dashboard?

Not immediately.  In the short term, the impressions in your dashboard will only reflect views from Dering Hall and its syndication network. Once the designer directory is replicated across all three sites however, the impressions from all three sites will be included.

If I choose to have my images featured on Chairish and DECASO, will I be able to choose which images are featured?

No.  Our editors will select images organically to tell the most impactful stories just as we do on Dering Hall.  

How can I pitch ideas to the Dering Hall, Chairish, and DECASO editorial teams?

There While there is no official way to pitch story ideas at this time, we do always love to hear from our members. If you have a special project, interesting story or great photography you think we should know about, please email Sponsored content packages are also available.

Can I get a dedicated, single-firm coverage on Dering Hall, Chairish, and DECASO?

Yes, you can get a dedicated article by purchasing a custom content article. Contact your account manager for more information.

If I’ve previously purchased custom content with Dering Hall, can I have it distributed through Chairish and DECASO? Will this cost extra?

Past stories will remain on Dering Hall. But any new content going forward could be considered across all three sites, if you opt-in here.

What if I only want to be on the Dering Hall designer directory and not on Chairish or DECASO?

Later this year, the designer directory which is now on Dering Hall will expand to both DECASO and Dering Hall.  This will increase your firm’s exposure to more design enthusiasts. This expansion will be part of your membership.

What happens if I leave Dering Hall?  Will Chairish Inc. still be able to use my images?

When you leave, your images go with you.  Chairish Inc will no longer use those images for any purposes but any archived stories will remain on the site(s).

Are there future plans to continue to improve the designer membership program?

Yes!  In addition to expanding the audience, we are in discussions on expanding local search to attract design-enthusiasts in your region.  We will continue to develop improvements that give you more value for your membership.

How do I get to be one of the designers featured on the homepage of Chairish or DECASO? How are those designers selected? How often do they change? What does this cost?

There is no cost for being featured on the Chairish and DECASO modules at this time. We partner with Chairish and DECASO feature designers who are active and large buyers on their platform.

How will Chairish and DECASO users get in touch with me if they are interested in my services?

The user experience will be the same. Users interested in reaching out to you may click through to your website, call, or use the official form to make an inquiry.   If they complete a form, you will get an email notification.

How can I maximize my exposure across the three platforms?

The best way to maximize your exposure is by providing the highest-quality, professional images possible.  These images, when featured in editorial, expose your talent to more people and lead to more interest and inquiries.  Make sure you are updating your profile with your latest work as often as you can.