Dan Scotti Design

Dan Scotti joined Dering Hall in 2017 as an alternative to traditional advertising. As part of his membership, he built a complete online profile on Dering Hall, including a robust portfolio and the ability for visitors to contact Scotti for future projects.

Because of the nature of his work, Scotti is only able to do 2-3 projects a year, so he uses Dering Hall less for inquiries and more to create awareness around his brand. To that effect, his membership has been quite successful, with a combined average of 36,736 views of his work every month since his membership began.

Those views are generated through world-class editorial, rather than formulaic advertising messages. Scotti prefers that method as it keeps the integrity and quality of his brand intact.

In addition to building awareness, Scotti uses Dering Hall to source products for his projects.

The Dering Hall Trade Program offers members of the design trade, like Dan Scotti and his team, visibility into pricing and up to 25% off retail costs.
Dering Hall works with high-end designer brands to list over 50,000 products for sourcing. Products are categorized for easy search and can be filtered in multiple ways.

Tearsheets and photos can be downloaded with a single click for easy organization and brands can be contacted directly for more information directly from the Dering Hall site.

More designers and teams are using Dering Hall as an easy way to source high-quality products appropriate for great design.

Pacific Palisades Master Bedroom Designed by Dan Scotti

Pacific Palisades Master Bedroom
Designed by Dan Scotti