Custom Content FAQs

  1. What is custom content?

    Custom content is a term Dering Hall uses to refer to a wide range of digital marketing services. These can include dedicated stories, social media posts, emails, and other promotional materials we create and/or distribute on your behalf.

  2. How does custom content benefit my company or firm?
    Custom content is essentially an advertisement for your company or firm, but which is presented so as to fit seamlessly with our organic content. Our goal is to promote the design industry on all sides, delivering content that is useful and interesting to our users, while helping our members accomplish specific marketing goals.

  3. What are the most successful types of custom content?

    This will depend on what you are trying to accomplish, whether gaining exposure, adding Instagram followers, obtaining newsletter subscribers, increasing brand awareness, or announcing a new project or product line, etc.

  4. Who will write my custom content?

    Our team of in-house editors will be responsible for the creation of your content.

  5. Can I write the copy?

    One of the benefits of purchasing custom content through Dering Hall is access to our editorial team’s expertise, as well as their knowledge of the Dering Hall audience and voice. In order to preserve that voice, we write the copy, though you will always get approval before any custom feature is published.

  6. Will I get to choose the images that you feature?

    You will have input on the images and content we feature. Note that we only publish images and content that meet our editorial guidelines, we can only use high-res images, and we ask that you provide a photographer credit.

  7. Can I make changes to the content you produce?

    After receiving relevant copy and photos, our editorial team will work on the piece and send you an unpublished preview for review. You’ll offer any notes or suggested changes and we’ll set up a time together to publish the story in our newsletter, which will likely coincide with any corresponding social media.

  8. How quickly can you publish my content?

    Because we’re all digital, we have the benefit of not being beholden to print deadlines! We typically recommend allotting 2-3 weeks from delivery of any assets we need to create the story and get approvals. Of course, we’re happy to work on each project individually to meet timing needs as long as they fit with our editorial calendar and scheduling availability.  

  9. Will I be able to measure the profile growth that results from the content?

    You will be able to refer to your analytics dashboard to see what impact the content has on your profile, product, and editorial views.

  10. How is the content supported and distributed?

    Depending on your specific arrangement with us, in addition to living on Dering Hall indefinitely, your content may be distributed through our newsletter as well as through our partnerships with other media outlets, including Business of Home, Elle Decor, and others. Most of the stories we produce also have a social media element, whether on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

  11. Does custom content have to be in the form of an editorial story or social media post?

    Most of our custom content does come in the form of an editorial story and/or a social media post, but there are many other options, including dedicated emails, sweepstakes, market research opportunities, and more. We recommend you start by telling us your goals and your budget and we can recommend a content program to fit.