About the Dering Hall Community


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Hi.  My name is Peter Sallick.  My co-founder, designer Steven Gambrel, and I started Dering Hall to solve the biggest problem we see in the design world — making it easier to find and be found!  We experience firsthand that it’s harder than ever for great design products and designers to be found, and its harder than ever for members of the trade and sophisticated consumers to find that they want. Dering Hall’s mission is to make great design accessible. 


We conceived Dering Hall to be the most trusted, curated, and useful tool to navigate the industry where we have spent our careers and that we know and love.  Now, as Dering Hall continues to grow and develop, we have cultaved a group of esteemed, respected, inspiring designers.  In addition to finding the best products for your project, we want Dering Hall to be a resource for you to learn how to increase the awareness of what you do.


We have been honored to be a part of this industry for over 20 years.   Dering Hall and the Design Community furthers our mission to make great design accessible.  Thank you for participating.